Tombo Beyani Personal Trainer

About me

Tombo Beyani

Having been in the fitness industry for 7 years, Tombo has trained people from various different backgrounds. A keen enthusiast, he’s always striving to motivate, educate and get the best out his clients to ensure they get the results they want. As a lover of all training methods, Tombo likes to keep up to to date with the latest trends and implement different techniques in to his own training and also to the training programmes delivered to his clients, tailoring to their specific goals. He believes that variety is key to keep exercise interesting, inspiring, motivational and fun.

What ever your goal may be, whether its fat loss, strength work, muscle building, body transformation, or just leading a better lifestyle that includes fitness and health, Tombo’s main focus is always 100% on his clients, striving to help them go above and beyond what they think is achievable, showing you that hard work and persistence, followed by consistency does pay off.

Willing is not enough. We must do.
— Bruce Lee



4 sessions for £190
(total saving: £10)



6 sessions for £276
(total saving: £24)




10 sessions for £450

(total saving: £50)